Stop Pop Ups

Pop-up advertisements occur when the administrator of a Web site adds code to the page you are visiting, making the ads open on your machine when you visit their web page. One way to prevent pop ups is to install a pop up blocker.

The best method to prevent pop-ups and to increase the security of your computer is to enable the Windows XP’s Firewall and upgrade to Windows XP SP2. (Service Pack 2) Windows XP SP2 turns off the Messenger Service by default, and enables the Windows firewall. This blocks the ports required for Messenger Service data transmission.
Windows XP Service Pack 2 includes a built-in Pop-up blocker. Google and Yahoo also has a pop up blocker on their toolbar. Never connect to internet without enabling the Firewall.

Are you getting tons of pop ups, many of them porn or online gambling sites, no matter where you go on the internet. It’s probably too late for this page. Odds are you have a virus.