Common error messages PolkPC computer technicians can solve are:

IBM POST error codes
Phoenix Beep codes
0 hard disk found
Invalid CMOS information-run SETUP
Run SETUP configuration lost
Can not complete the CD writing wizard
System32configsystem file is missing or corrupt
Your system is dangerously low on resources
Errors found. F parameter not specified
Non-system disk or disk error
Invalid system disk
Record inhibited
Drive is not accessible
Disk boot failure
Data error reading drive
Dumping memory
Convert lost chains to files
Convert directory to file (Y/N)?
General failure reading drive
HDD Configuration Error
Error 403: Forbidden!
Fatal exception error
General protection fault in USER.EXE
Bad or Missing XXXX.DRV
The page cannot be displayed
Non system disk, replace & press any key to continue
Non system drive, replace & press any key to continue
Cannot reload COMMAND.COM
Incorrect DOS version
Bad or missing DRIVER.DRV
HIMEM.SYS not loaded
The Specified path is invalid
File already exists. Overwrite?
Bad or Missing Command Interpreter
Cannot load COMMAND, system halted
Cannot read file allocation table
Error loading operating system
File Allocation table bad, drive C
Invalid COMMAND.COM, system halted
Replace and strike any key when ready
A fatal exception (XY) has occured at xxxx:xxxxxxxx
Another application is using communication port
Cannot run program – Out of system resources
Cannot find a device file that may be needed
Cannot start more than one copy of xxx
Rund1132.exe has performed an illegal operation
Setup could not back up your system files
Windows Explorer is Dangerously Low on Resources
Windows was not properly shut down
You cannot format the current drive
Attempt to load dupliacate device
Cannot communicate with modem
Call to undefined dynalink
Cannot find the file “XXX” or one of it’s components
Cannot replace xxxx: Access Denied.
Destination disk drive is full
File already exists. Overwrite?
Insufficient memory to run this application
Invalid destination specified
Invalid VxD Dynamic Link Call
Keyboard error. Press F1 to continue
No association exists for this file
Print queue is still active
Sector not found reading drive X
The network could not validate
The printer on LPT1 is offline or not selected
There is no viewer capable of viewing this file
There was an error writing to LPT1:
X:/ is not accessible. The device is not ready
Soundcard error: DRIVER.XXX not installed
Unrecoverable Application Error
Data_Bus_Error (0X0000002E)
Beginning dump of physical memory
AMI Beep codes
Invalid configuration
0 hard disk found
1701 press F1 to continue
1780 press F1 to continue
1781 press F1 to continue
1790 press F1 to continue
1791 press F1 to continue
Keyboard failure
Missing operating system
Keyboard not present
NTLDR is Missing
Out of memory
Drive failure
Hard disk failure
File creation error
Sector not found
Access Denied
Invalid page fault
llegal operation
A file can’t be found
A drive won’t load
OE exception
OD exception
System halted
Run-time error
Comile-time error
Cannot find file
Cannot read from drive x
Folder XXX does not exist
Write protected disk
File is missing
Not a valid filename
Abort, Retry, Fail?
Abnormal termination
Cannot copy file
BIOS fails to initialize
Cannot format disk
Divide by zero
Disk error
Could not print page x
Cannot start application
Insufficent disk space
Drive x: is inaccessible
Out of memory
Parity error
Port already open
System Error
This file name is not valid
Write protected disk
Port already open
Port in use
Not enough memory
Open with
No COM ports available
Not enough disk space
Cannot print. SoftRIP
Cannot read from drive x
A TSR is installed
Missing DLL file
Bad or missing
IRQ conflict
General Protection Fault
Fatal Exception
Fatal Error 1714
Unmountable Boot Failure
Unmountable Boot Volume
IDE Device Failure
Cold Boot