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SoftBank bought Arm in 2016 for $31 billion
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The truth is, we could post a scam alert every single day on this page. We actually have a page on our website dedicated to scams, to which we often direct citizens:

But today we wanted to highlight some recent scams that have already victimized a couple of our citizens, and we want you to SHARE so that nobody else here in #Polk or anywhere else on the Interwebs falls prey.

Have you ever heard of bitcoin? Yeah, us either. Our detectives have though, and this phenomenon has made its way to Polk. Two different elderly victims have been called by people claiming to be PCSO Sergeants. The caller told the victims that they had active warrants, and the victims were instructed to bring cash to a bitcoin machine in order to "clear up the warrant." Bitcoin machines can be found in convenience stores.

Luckily for one victim, the alert and savvy convenience store owner intervened when she heard the 80-year-old victim on his cell phone trying to work the machine - the owner got the rest of the story, and told the victim to hang up, because he was being scammed. By the way, that owner is our new favorite Polk Countian.

Our second victim was not so lucky - he went to a different gas station, and quietly placed the requested $1,500 cash into the machine, unbeknownst to that clerk who was likely busy providing excellent customer services to his customers.

The bottom line is this - we are NEVER EVER EVER EVER going to call you and tell you that you have a warrant for missing jury duty, or for any other reason, and THEN we are NEVER EVER EVER going to call you and instruct you to pay us to clear up the warrant.

This is not victim-shaming -- this is for YOU who have elderly relatives, who aren't on Facebook or the Interwebs, so that you can let them know NOT TO FALL FOR THIS SCAM.

And if you'll visit our website (link above) you'll find a lot more helpful information on other prevalent scams, and how to report them.